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Welcome to SOKO Adventure & Safaris


SOKO Adventures - A tour operator based in Arusha, Tanzania.

We created a safari company committed to protect and preserve the local wildlife and environment and are pleased to offer our guests everything from safaris and cultural experiences to beach holidays and mountain trekking adventures.

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The Essence of Tanzania

Tanzania, truly, is a safari destination without peer. The statistics speak for themselves: an unparalleled one-quarter of its surface area has been set aside for conservation purposes, that harbours an estimated 20 % of Africa’s large mammal population.

Tanzania’s daunting natural variety is mirrored by a cultural diversity embracing 120 distinct tribes: from the iconic Maasai pastoralists of the Rift Valley, to the Arab-influenced Swahili of the coast, to the Hadzabe hunter-gatherers of Lake Eyasi.
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The Northern Circuit has been Tanzania’s crowning glory within the safari industry for over half a century and Arusha town is its stepping stone.

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The Southern Circuit represents the wilder side of Tanzania. Remote areas only penetrable by aircraft or long, challenging journeys by road - its selection of game reserves and national parks open up a whole new meaning to exploration and true adventure.

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"The roof of Africa" rises from plain land to an astonishing 19,340 ft (5,895 metres); the Mountain Kilimanjaro. It's the highest mountain on the continent. Mt. Meru is yet another mountain available for your backdrop reaching up to the heavens and see beautiful natural soroundings.

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Tanzania is blessed with a long and lovely coastline as well as several interesting islands sitting off the shore in the Indian Ocean.

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Hotels and Lodges

Soko Adventure and Safaris recommends a variety of accommodation to our guests depending on budget and interest. We support our guests to get comfortable  lodges and hotels.  We always take care and ensure that the lodges and hotel selected are clean, have good food and superior service.  Our team do visit and inspect these hotels and lodges as often as possible. Most lodges and hotels options have laundry facilities and many offer Internet service (bear in mind this can be very slow in Tanzania!) and may have a pool and gift shop. Accommodation varies from hotels (in Arusha, Dar, Zanzibar and along the coast) to lodges (in and near the wildlife parks), permanent tented camps (basically a lodge with rooms made from canvas and often accommodating fewer people) to mobile or semi-mobile tented camps (classic safari accommodation with varying degrees of amenities such as drop toilets and bucket showers). As certain periods are "high season" for safaris it may not always be possible to confirm your stay at your first choice of accommodation.

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The Big Five

The famous Big Five was a phrase of ‘White Huntes’ of a bygone era and consists of the Lion King, the calosal Elephant, unpredicatable Buffalo, bad tempered Rhino and sly Leopard. This set of formitable beasts are in class of their own - a common lineage as the most unpredictable and dangerous animals to tracker on foot Read More...

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P.O Box 359 Usa River
Arusha, Tanzania.
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WE ARE LOCATED IN: Arusha Town,Swahili Street, Sinka Court Hotel, Ground floor, Room no. 10
For a matter of public record: SOKO ADVENTURES & SAFARIS LTD was formerly known and doing business as SOK Adventure Travel Specialist

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