We actively support an organization by the name of AMKA, Amka is a women group based in Mji mwema Usa river Village, located in the Arumeru District in the Arusha region. The group is registered as a non-governmental organization registered in 2004 with it head office at Mji mwema, Usa – River. It comprises of 87 members. All of which are women ages 20 and above.


Karim Children Care Centre is unregistered NGO which is non-denomination, non-profit and non-political ministry founded in September, 2007, with the sole mission of improving the quality of life or disadvantaged children and their families.

Mission : Karim Mission Statement is to ensure mercy and human development is done and meet the needs in the community both in Rural and Urban Areas.

Location : Karim Children Care Centre is situated at JR Area, just 500 metres from Oljoro Road, within Arusha Municipality.