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Is Tanzania a safe destination?

Tanzania has been a politically stable country since independence. While all travel has its inherent risks, our part of the world is generally safe and peaceful. You do need to use common sense and behave responsibly within the wildlife areas. While in the national parks wild animals have the right of way, remember we are in their environment and must never harass or disturb them. Be sure to read and abide by the rules of conduct within the national parks and other areas. Be aware and safeguard your valuables at all times especially when in cities and towns. Use the safes provided in hotels and lodges to ensure a pleasant travel experience. Travellers should remember that Tanzania is still a developing nation and sometimes things do not run as smoothly or on the same time schedule as they do in other parts of the world. If you have a positive attitude, good patience and a sense of humour your trip will be much more enjoyable than if you maintain unrealistic expectations for situations.

Can I bring my children on safari?

A safari is a wonderful opportunity and generally speaking children ages five years and older enjoy the experience. If your children are flexible and adventurous then planning a family safari will certainly create lifetime memories. It's important to take into consideration that due to the vast distances covered, our safaris entail long stretches in the cars which normally don't "sit well" with children if you'll excuse the pun. When children are included in a group we'll work with you to put on extra stops, limit extremely long days in the vehicles and book lodges that have swimming pools. Tanzanians love children and you'll be warmly welcomed wherever you go with young ones. It's important to know that you should NEVER leave your children unattended at a lodge or camp or in any wild area. You are ultimately responsible for the well being of your children.